Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In Loving Memory...

Of my Nissan Sentra

This happened:
The sad driver:
What Happened?: Luckily, nobody was harmed in this accident. Brady was the only one in the car. This was the second time since we've been married that Brady had my car. What happened was that Brady was driving down the 101 and was going with the flow of traffic. The car in front of him slammed on their brakes suddenly and sharply swerved out of the lane, leaving Brady very little time to brake, and he ended up sliding right into the next car that was at a complete stop. Brady called me right after asking me to bring my insurance card, since I keep forgetting to put a copy in the car. We are now having to deal with insurance and all that.

Luckily, I have full coverage. Luckily, I had paid my car off. Luckily, Brady was not injured at all! Luckily, we have another car. Luckily, my in-laws have a shop that the car could be towed to. Luckily, Brady can use his dad's van as a vehicle. Luckily, the driver that got hit wasn't injured and his damage was minimal. Trying to think positive.

I was filled with emotion about this. Once I saw that Brady was OK, I broke down in tears. I was relieved he was OK, I was sad that my car was destroyed. I felt bad that my car failed to stop in time, and I couldn't help crying over the financial inconvenience this might cause.

Today we feel better about everything. Although I have no idea what kind of car to get next. I wasn't planning on getting another car until the A/C went out the Sentra. So lots of decision making is still ahead.

I bought this car in April or May 2004. I drove around just for fun at times (and I hate driving). I would look at other cars on the road and think, "my car's better than that car...and that one...and that one." The car took me to Las Vegas and Utah (twice). The car has also been to Hawaii! (Jealous) That's were it was originally purchased. The car has had two tire blowouts, and in the past year, two battery replacements and huge repair with the head gasket.

The Sentra's best moment came a few months after I purchased the car. It was my inspiration for a commercial I made for film school. I'm quite proud of it, even today.

Please, in honor of the memory of my loss, enjoy the Nissan Commercial.


  1. i'm so sad for you. but i am so glad brady is ok. i still love that commercial.

  2. I love that commercial too! At least you have a nice tribute video of such an awesome car.

  3. Ok I laughed! The Nissan car commercial was great. I really liked the deadman silhoette on the wall....too clever!Maybe there should be a dead car silhoette of the your now defunked Nissan! I am so sad for you guys and the car issue....bummer.