Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Week

This Christmas has been crazy and busy for us. This year, we did Christmas with the Gillman family, but first, we would hang with Sarah and my mom for a day to exchange gifts. On Sunday morning, the 20th, we headed to Miami and went to church with my mom and had dinner and exchanged gifts.

Tuesday night, we went to Brady's parents house to do Christmas with the immediate family. We ate Lucky Charms (a Gillman tradition) and listened to Blake and Cindy's own rendition of "The Night Before Christmas", which incorporated his huge Christmas village they bought this year.

Blake let me take pictures with his awesome 70mm-200mm lens. Crazy! It has amazing depth of field. I should have used it for my Orr Family photo shoot, but I forgot.

The next day, we took off for Utah. We went half way, stopping in St. George, since we had little kids with us. Poor Cindy got sick and would be sick even now. No fun. Once we got out of St. George, we hit the snow. It never actually snowed on us, but everything was covered.

On Christmas Eve we arrived at Grandma and Grandpa Gillman's house in Lindon, UT. The whole Gillman family came over and we had dinner and a white elephant-like gift exchange. I ended up getting a puzzle and Brady ended up with a movie and a fleece blanket.
Grandma Gillman gives these socks every year to the girls, this was new to both me and Shannon but it was funny. Grandpa Gillman made rolling pins for all the girls, which was pretty cool.

After the festivities we played a game that was very much like "Sorry" but it was all homemade and tons of fun.Christmas day was actually pretty uneventful. We went out to the old barn that Grandpa grew up around and we took pictures and listened to stories. So cold.

We went to Temple Square that night to see the lights. It was very pretty. We got there, right when they turned them on at 5:30pm and it was wicked cold. We planned on going into the visitor centers as we walked around to warm up, but all the buildings closed at 6pm. So we headed to cars after a little bit since the Skye was not liking the cold, and neither was anyone else.
I love the colors in this picture. (I'm so proud)

I thought this was beautiful.

We then went to Brady's Aunt Stacey and Uncle Mike's house to visit. We ended up staying to watch a movie in Uncle Mike's MOVIE THEATER! I didn't get pictures, but Mike has a theater in his basement. It has a big screen and blue ray projector, surround sound and really comfy reclining chairs (with cup holders). It's sits 7 people. Brady now has a goal for our future home.

A funny thing about Grandma Gillman: You can walk through her whole house and never touch the carpet. She has rugs laid out through the whole house! And they're not all floor rugs, there are also bathroom floor mats used to protect her carpet. I had to laugh at this. She does have nice carpet though.
Even the stairs have plastic on them.

We left the cold the next day. We headed back to St. George and since we got there around 3. Shannon and I decided to do some shopping at Downeast Basics. Everything 40% off!

We arrived home and the craziness continued. Brady and I discovered that our vacation is quickly filled up with appointments and other "jobs". Whew. We're now back at work and getting back into our routine.

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  1. Histerical, I know. When we stayed upstairs. I actually moved some of the rugs so we could close the doors. Don't tell grandma but I walked on the carpet! :)