Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Comes Early!

In the summer, I thought of a great idea for a present or Brady and I: a DSLR camera. I was going to surprise Brady but I broke after a couple weeks and told him the idea. He was excited and I started looking online to see what would be the best for our price range. I didn't want to go over board. I found the new Nikon D5000 to be perfect for us. I've been pining over it for months. All of the sudden photography sounds amazing and Brady talked me into getting it a month early.
It arrived yesterday and I realized that I know nothing about photography when it comes to apertures and f-stops. I've got lots of practicing to do. This camera does take amazing pictures, but although I took about 100 yesterday, these are the only ones I'm willing to share, so enjoy.
The first picture I took.

Not a great picture, but I like it.

I'll probably be staring another blog sometime soon to be dedicated to my photography progress, so watch out for that.

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  1. soooo fun!! I want one!!!! I told Ryan it would be a good investment sometime so we dont hafta pay for school pictures and such for kids, we can just take em our selves and say hello to shutterfly :)