Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, Brady and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Bingham's house. We headed down Wednesday night after Brady got out of class. We were put in charge of providing the green beans for the dinner so on the way to Safford I snapped the ends of the beans, so I wouldn't have to do it on Thursday during the bustle of getting everything done.
In case you can't really see Clint in this picture, I zoomed in for you below.
Love it!

Grandma being awesome.

My favorite bread and butter pickles.

The pies

It was a good turn out and the food was delicious.

I loved having all the kids around to practice taking pictures of them and my cousins. I'll be editing my favorites and adding them to my picture blog.
Julian loved being in front of the camera.

He even photo bombed my picture of Mom. Funny kid.

On Friday, it was a slow relaxing day. We got some Dairy Queen, bought "Mi Casa" tortilla's from the tortilla factory, and shopped at "The Wear", which is fast becoming one of my favorite clothing stores, ever.

Saturday, Brady and I left around 1pm after visiting Dad, and showing off my toy.
Aren't my brothers handsome?

Here is the Gila Valley Temple. It's looking good but I heard that the steeple is going to be changed. Too boring, I guess.
When Brady and I got home, we decided to go to a movie. We went and saw "Fantastic Mr. Fox", which was really good. It was funny and quirky. Wes Anderson quirky. I would recommend it.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

H&M Is Back In My Life.

The awesomeness of H&M is back in my life for good. The amazing Swedish clothing store I talked about in New York has opened in North Scottsdale. Once I found out it was coming, I told Brady that we would have to go. We went last Saturday and I bought a bunch of new shirts. Brady and I also got new coats. I've been wanting a new one for Christmas time since we'll be in freezing Utah. I also wanted one that was a brighter color, instead of black.Mission accomplished. Though I don't know if it's warmer than my other coats. Oh well.

Christmas came to our house again, now for Brady. He got a new stereo surround sound system. And for a smokin' deal. :)We've been watching DVDs out of Brady's Xbox for way to long, so a new DVD player (with 5 disc changer!) that came with the speakers was much needed.

Now that Christmas is covered, I guess the next stop is Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My 50th Post!

So I need everyone to check out the pictures that I took of my lovely sister Sarah on my picture blog.Isn't she pretty?

I also need everyone to vote on a favorite look on that post. Please. Thanks!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Story: Courtship

Surprise! Another installment. I know you have been holding your breath. This is more of a picture post as our courtship was standard, to my understanding.

Here is our first picture we ever took together. It was taken at "Islands" the burger place. We were there for a big birthday dinner for my roommate Julie. She passed her camera around the table so everyone could get their pictures taken. This is what we gave. Here we are at the 2007 Dead End Halloween Party. I was Dave from Flight of the Conchords and Brady was Elwood from The Blues Brothers.In November it came time for Brady to meet my family. Sarah met Brady briefly when we stopped by her house, for some reason. She said she felt very comfortable around him, so that was a good sign. When he met my mom, she came into town and we met up with her and Sarah at Cheesecake Factory for lunch in Chandler. Brady was nervous but he’s so awesome that my mom liked him. She told me that he had a very nice smile (which he does).

This pic was taken by my friend Jenni when she met Brady in November.Fast forward past some boring dating and hanging out, to late November or early December. Brady and I had just watched a movie at my house and he was getting ready to leave. He gave me a hug and a kiss and then said, “You know I love you, right?” I was like “really?”. Then I said, “I love you, too.” I totally meant it. We had only been dating for almost 2 months, and I knew I loved him, and was so happy he loved me too. I told my mom the next day that the “L” word was out, and she asked me if I really did love him. Which was an easy yes. However, we didn’t use it as much at first at least for the first month.

At Christmas time, we would be spending a week apart, the longest since we first met. Brady’s family went to Disneyland for a week, and I went home to Miami for a few days. The whole time Brady was gone, we would text back and forth, pretty much, all the time. My mom was baffled by this, she would ask me why we just didn’t call each other. She thought that I would want to hear his voice. I think we would text all the time because our conversations would last much longer. We used “love” in our Christmas conversations more and more. When he got back, Brady had bought me Disneyland fudge, which I love, and a shirt.
Brady loves pirates.

Just a Saturday Date picture.
Taken at 2008 Phoenix Supercross in January 2008.
One other very significant moment came in late January. Brady and I were hanging out on a Sunday night and we had just finished an adorable tickle fight and were gazing deep into each others eyes. Brady said, "Would you marry me someday?" I heart literally skipped a beat. Was that a proposal? I knew right away that it wasn't but I was so joyful and said, "yeah". He said that he feels really good about it and said that he will like to marry me one day. He needed more time before making it official, so I did my best not to get too anxious. I was really good at staying calm. Really, I was.

Brady's 23rd birthday April 7, 2008
I stayed calm until late March when Brady decided to ask my mom for her permission to marry me. We went to Miami for a weekend and I warned my mom that he was going to ask her. She was prepared, but Brady likes to make things surprising. He asked my mom about the advice I told him that she would give him after he asked he permission, but he straight up and asked her for the advice, which took mom off guard.

He took her off guard again when he waited another couple of hours before he would actually ask. And he just blurted it out to her. "Can I marry your daughter?" And she's like "what?" She wasn't in a conversation with us, we were just all watching TV together. But she gave permission.

New blog

Hey I created my new blog specifically for my photo project.
I will try to update it often, but I only have one post on there so far, since I just started it yesterday, so don't expect much.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Comes Early!

In the summer, I thought of a great idea for a present or Brady and I: a DSLR camera. I was going to surprise Brady but I broke after a couple weeks and told him the idea. He was excited and I started looking online to see what would be the best for our price range. I didn't want to go over board. I found the new Nikon D5000 to be perfect for us. I've been pining over it for months. All of the sudden photography sounds amazing and Brady talked me into getting it a month early.
It arrived yesterday and I realized that I know nothing about photography when it comes to apertures and f-stops. I've got lots of practicing to do. This camera does take amazing pictures, but although I took about 100 yesterday, these are the only ones I'm willing to share, so enjoy.
The first picture I took.

Not a great picture, but I like it.

I'll probably be staring another blog sometime soon to be dedicated to my photography progress, so watch out for that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How'd I do?

Well, here is how my night turned out. I wasn't 100% successful. But I feel ok about it.
  • I wrote most of my paper. I didn't finish it but I'm pretty close, so tonight I will definitely finish and turn it in.
  • I didn't write in "our story" at all. I was busy writing my paper.
  • I did do the laundry I needed to get done. Success!

I also made dinner for Brady last night. I'm trying to do this more, and be a better a wife. :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Today's goals

I survived a horrible case of the Monday's yesterday. To get me motivated today, I need to set a couple of goals.
  • Write my paper for class on the editing of the movie "Chicago" and why it deserved the Oscar.
  • Write more of "our story" so I can put it on the blog.
  • Do some laundry.

Easy and managable? I'll report on my success or lack thereof, tomorrow.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Weekend

No pictures were taken this weekend but I wanted to let everyone know what we did. Our weekend began, for me at least on Friday, when I was allowed to go home 2 hours early from work. (Nothing gets done at UoP on Halloween.) I bought a new Photoshop magazine and went home to clean so we wouldn't have to do it on Saturday. Brady got home a little early and so we decide to go out to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was delicious.

We wanted to go see a movie and wanted to see something Halloweenie and since "Paranormal Activity" is not our kind of movie we decided to see "Zombieland". I loved this movie. I was pretty sure it would be funny but it exceeded my expectations. I don't really care for zombie movies, either. Woody Harrelson was amazing in it. There are moments I just can't describe because they were just so perfect. I just have to recommend it, whether you like zombie movies or not.

On Saturday, Brady and I woke up early. I don't know why. But we got more house cleaning done and now our bedroom is finally spotless and we hung up our posters we got at the MoMA in New York. We had Paula and Evan coming over as well as Brian and his girlfriend, Catherine to watch some movies. We went to the store to by some snacks and Evan called and canceled because Paula was sick, sad times.

Brian and Cat arrived around 4:30. They brought "Sleepy Hollow" to watch but wanted to wait until later to watch it, so it would be dark, since neither one of them had seen it. Brady and I didn't have any good scary movie to contribute so we browsed Brady's Netflix on his xbox. We all thought "Interview with a Vampire" was a great choice, Brian and I had seen it and liked and Brady and Cat hadn't seen it. It was fun watching it with Brady, since he jumped a couple times.

After the movie, we went and got pizza at Oregano's. It was super yummy. Then went back to our place to watch "Sleepy Hollow". This was definetly a better Halloween movie since it's more scary.

Brady and Brian played some Call of Duty because it has a game called "Nazi Zombies" and Brian was loving it. By this time it was 10:30ish and we headed over to my old roommates place, the Dead End House, to check out their party. I just wanted to stop in and say hi to Julie and Jennifer and leave, which was everyone else's plan as well. We were there for probably 15 minutes, I talked to the girls, talk to Julie about her getting engaged, and then we got out of there and away from the weird awkward single people. ;)

The night was not over yet. We got back home and Brian wanted to 3 strike a movie from the Netflix called "Red Line" he had heard it was terrible but it had nice fast cars. The rating that netflix had on this gem was 1.5 stars out of 5. Not a good sign. It was really bad and didn't make it to 15 minutes.Do Not Watch This Movie!

Sunday was good because we didn't have to teach our Sunday School class. The stake did a lesson with all of the youth about Family History search. I thought it was a little interesting, but I remember being 14 and being bored stiff with that stuff. Poor kids. I also talked to someone new in Relief Society. Brady and I are trying to be more social and nice to the other couples in our ward. It's a slow work in progress, we're not good at being outgoing and social.

We went home and made Chicken Pot Pie, which turned out pretty good, taste wise. We were able to just relax. I was able to get some photoshop practice done and Brady was able to read. Pretty perfect Sunday, topped off with baking cookies. Yummy. :)