Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Story: Alone at last

Disclaimer: This story has been abridged from the original "dramatic" story to protect the party's involved.

The next day I went to Channi’s wedding, which was very nice and then the luncheon afterwards. The reception wasn’t until the next day in Tucson, which I was to be a bridesmaid, so I went home and napped. I kept thinking about Brady and wondering if he liked me or if he liked Jennifer. I got kind of moody about it. I guess I was starting to like him more. Then disaster struck. My computer crashed! My wonderful Mac that got me through 3 years of college and never had a single glitch, crashed hard on me! I was so bummed, I didn’t have hardly anything backed up. Pictures, music, videos, GONE! I was struggling to get it up when Jennifer got home from school. I was almost in tears and she helped me out and I was able to save some pictures. I was so bummed and she suggested that I go to the Apple store the next day for them to check it out. Before she left to her parents house in Payson for General Conference weekend she asked what I was going to do that night. I had no plans and she suggested that I ask Brady what he’s doing and hang out with him. Yeah, maybe.

Well about an hour later, I was feeling down and wanted to watch a good movie, preferably with a friend, and Julie was on a date. I text Brady asking what he was doing that night. He said that he didn't have plans, and so I asked him if he wanted to come over and watch a movie. He said yes and was over in like 10 minutes. By the way, Brady’s place was less than a mile from my place. Sweet! He gets there and I immediately feel better about my computer. I was hungry and wanted “Jack in the Box”, so we go there in his truck. I could tell he was tired, probably from no sleep the night before. I asked him how the Arby’s thing went, he grunted and said that they were too late to be one of the first 25 in line so they just watched “Arrested Development” on Jennifer’s computer. We ate yummy greasy food and chatted about random stuff I don’t remember, I can’t believe how comfortable I was with him already. Talking to him was very easy. We went back to my place and picked out a movie. We decide on “Everything is Illuminated”, since Brady had never seen it. This was the perfect movie to watch, no awkward romantic love story line. It’s funny, beautiful, and surprisingly touching. While watching it, Brady dozed off for a minute and did a body spasm, jerking thing that woke him up. It was funny, I laughed and this will not be the last time I would see this. (Every time Brady falls asleep, his body will do this one jerking motion). After the movie, we chatted a little bit about ourselves and then when Julie and her date got back we chatted with them and tired Brady went home. I was now starting to like him a lot, but wasn't sure if he liked me.

The next day, October 6, I woke up early to make sure I was at the Apple Store when they opened at 10am. I was the first walk-in for the day and they tried saving my computer, but in the end they couldn’t and they needed to take my computer for a couple days to fix, or replace, the hard drive. While I was there waiting for them to figure that out, Brady text me asking what I was doing that day. His poor memory, I told him the day before that I was going to Tucson for the reception that day, so I told him again. He said ok. I had a silent party in my head just because he’s texting me wanted to hang out! I got bold and asked him if he wanted to watch General Conference together on Sunday and have breakfast together. He said yes and said that he would make pancakes at his place. Holy cow! I was going to have breakfast with Brady! I was so excited!

Sarah went with me to Tucson and we hang out a little and go to the big mall there (aka, the most confusing mall in America, so many dead ends!). We get to the reception, change clothes, take pictures, chat with old friends.
My dress that Paula made for me. :)

Sarah and I (we're awesome)

Chandra and Cort

I was a bridesmaid

Channi and I

Then Brady starts texting me again! I was giddy. Sarah helps me think of witty things to say to him. There was some serious text flirting going on. I even text him a picture of myself. (He still has it in his phone today.)

He asked me if I wanted to hang out that night when I got back in town, but I knew I wouldn’t be back til after 11pm so I did the mature thing and told him that I’d see him the next morning for breakfast.

October 7, at 7:00am, I wake up to a text. Brady had text me, “Good morning Sunshine!” Now, I’m not a morning person, and he woke me up about an hour before I intended to get up, and I normally would be annoyed and cranky but I was giddy. I loved that he called me “sunshine”, I’m not a sunshiny person, so I’ve never been called that before. I can’t believe he thought of me so early in the morning. I was getting butterflies in my stomach. I just text back “morning” and he responded asking if I was awake, and I said almost, or something like that, he text back “oops, sorry, go back to sleep. But I couldn’t I got up and went over to his house, in my pajamas, since we planned it that way. He was dressed when I arrived. Color me embarrassed. Well he made some yummy pancakes and not so great hash browns, for me, and Riley, who woke up 5 minutes after my arrival. I forgot about Riley, not realizing that he would be there, so watching conference was kind of quiet since I hardly knew Riley and became shy again.

Between the morning and afternoon conference sessions, Brady and I showed each other funny YouTube videos. It was great. Brady showed me a trailer for a movie he needed to watch for a class he was in that was playing at the Valley Art theater on Mill Ave. It was called “King of Kong”, which is a documentary and that looked so funny. I told him that I would see it with him. He said that he would like that and out popped out of my mouth “Today!” Brady was like “what?” And I said, “Yeah! After conference”. Brady said ok, but seemed guilty about going to a movie on Sunday. I assured him that Conference Sunday doesn’t really count, so it was ok. (Calm down reader, I don’t actually think that, I’m just trying to have fun with this guy!)

After conference we do decide to go to the movie. I go home to get dressed in public friendly clothes and tell Julie how much fun I’ve had so far. I didn’t know whether Brady liked me though and Julie tells me, “he likes you”. I tell her, “I don’t know, we’re just hanging out.” Julie then says, “I can’t tell you how I know this, but trust me, I know he likes you.” I didn’t know what to say but I was officially twitter-pated. Brady comes over and we go to Mill Ave.

We’re a little early for the movie for we walk around a little bit, the weather was perfect for a budding relationship. We go to Urban Outfitters and go upstairs to sit in their comfy chairs and look at a “Pop Secret” book. When the time gets close, we go the movie and it is hilarious! It’s basically about nerds that are competitive in arcade games. It was strangely riveting. The producer was there to introduce the movie, which was strange, there were probably only 30 people in the theater.
After the movie we go back to my place and just sit and chat. We talked about likes, dislikes, and stuff we’ve never done. I found out in this conversation that Brady has done everything and been everywhere, and I hadn’t done anything or been anywhere. Brady soon decides to go home, I give Brady a hug, our first.

To be continued.

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  1. Awesome installment! I haven't ever seen pictures of the dress, so I am glad it turned out okay.

    Funnily enough, I woke up today and thought about you two... how you had been together for two years-- and I remembered the King of Kong "date" and how you went on conference Sunday. Can't wait to read more! =)