Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Story of Us

I’ve been meaning to write down the story of Brady and me meeting and stuff leading up to getting married. So I’m going to start now. This is all from my perspective to so I’m going to start a few months before we met. And this will be in separate installments since it's a long story.

The summer before we met, things were pretty quiet for me, and for some reason I started to get into reading the scriptures again and I started to be more active in my ward with activities and meeting people. Not that I was making tons of awesome friends, but I started to feel comfortable in my ward, and make some nice “Sunday friends”. I then started to think of the idea of going to the temple for my own endowments, but not too seriously.

In June 2007 I went to San Francisco with my family for vacation. I absolutely loved it there and it became one of my favorite vacations ever. One of the most memorable moments for me was when we went and walked around the Oakland Temple. I thought this temple was so beautiful and I felt the spirit so strong, I knew then that I wanted to go through the temple. I told my mom while we were there that I wanted to go through. I don’t know if she took me seriously, but I wasn’t kidding.

I started studying the scriptures on temples and read books about the temple. My ward offers a “Temple Prep” class every 3 months so I attended the class. I talked to mom again about going through again and let her know how serious I was about it. She became very supportive, and one Sunday I talked to Bishop Mecham about my desire. He was very excited for me since, he had talked to me about going through when I turned 24, and I was unsure at that time. He told me which scriptures I should read and to attend the temple prep class, which I was at the time.

The day after I had talked to my bishop, some time in late July, I was laid off of my job with Northeast Mortgage. I had been there for about 2 years but I wasn’t loving the job and often dreaded going to work, so the lay off didn’t make me upset, in fact, I felt almost relief to be able to move on and start looking for something I wanted to do. I remember telling my friend Chandra about loosing my job and the first thing she said was “good”, it made me laugh because she knew how much I hated the job.

I started the job search and collecting unemployment benefits, I still had lots of bills to pay. During this time, it was easy to keep up on scripture study and stuff like that. I got all of my temple recommend interviews done and started telling everyone about my next big step. I decided to schedule my first go at the temple for September 14, 2007. My mom helped me decide on this date since it was the day before my cousin Shane was getting married to Lindsey and I would get to attend their sealing, plus, a lot of family will be in town the day before so they could attend my endowment session the day before. I was so excited but when I scheduled this, it was still over a month away, so I was anxious.

The month of August was dry on job opportunities. I had a couple interviews but no job offers. About a week before September 14, the job hunt started to get richer in prospects.

My temple day was awesome. I started to feel a little nervous, but I was mostly excited. My mom and I arrive at 3:00, like we were told. My session was at 5:00. From beginning to end I had butterflies in my stomach, but I felt so happy. The session was really full, so full, that some of the people that came to support me couldn’t get into the session. My Grandma Buckley had to fight her way in, literally, she had to force them to let her in; “My granddaughter is in there, I’m going in!”. Awesome. Some family and friends didn’t get so lucky. Oh well. Walking into the Celestial Room was great. It took me a couple seconds to find my family, but then I spotted them and started crying, along with everyone else, our family is full of cry babies.After my first temple visit.

I was able to attend Shane and Lindsay’s wedding the next day and my friends Chandra and Cort’s wedding a few weeks later. So awesome!

You're probably wondering what all of this has to do with meeting Brady. Well, I felt that these things help prepare me spiritually and emotionally for meeting the man I was to marry. I didn't know it at the time but it's clear to me now.

Things were going so great for me. I was on a spiritual high, corny, huh. My job search was going a lot better and I was sure that I would have a job soon. I was having fun with my roommates and I felt better in this part in my life than ever before. I was not looking to date anyone. Until...

To be continued.

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