Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some stuff we've done lately

I haven't blogged about our happenings lately so here it is. Last weekend was pretty fun. Brady surprised me last Friday by taking me to Michael's and telling me that he wanted to do a project that I had showed him from the blog I blogged about last week. (

We bought tons of colorful poster board paper, and cut some of it up, while watching "About a Boy".
We then put it up in our bedroom, since our walls are so bare.
It didn't turn out perfect, but I absolutely love it. I love walking in our room and actually seeing something creative. I was going to put a picture of the original project from the other blog, but mine doesn't look as good. I love sitting under our windy curls

On Saturday, after Brady got a new phone to replace his that is always broken, we went over to Paula and Evans. We did the Great Eclair Challenge where we rated eclairs from different places. We tried finding eclairs at Wal-Mart since they are supposably really good, but we couldn't find any. But we saw this at the bakery while looking.
What is that?

Paula and Evan got eclairs from Fry's and from Bashas'. So let the challenge begin! We rated them by overall taste, presentation, consistency, filling, pastry, frosting and value on a scale from 1-5.The eclairs!

Setup and ready to eat!

Fry's on the left, Bashas' on the right.

I couldn't finish mine, I got full.

Casting my vote.

Votes tallied up and Bashas' was the clear winner, beating Fry's in all categories.

We 3 struck some movies making it all the way through one that was uneven yet surprisingly funny, called "Moving McAllister". It's made by the same people that made the Mormon made "Pride and Prejudice".
We walked around Wal-Mart and then went to eat at Native New Yorker, yummy. We went back to P & E's house and watched another movie.

On Sunday, after church Brady made pulled pork sandwiches, and Riley came over and ate with us. He did laundry at our house and we all watched action movies together, "S.W.A.T", and "Hot Fuzz". I made cookies and fun was had by all.

After a long and busy week, Brady and I went on Friday, or last night, and we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel and went and saw "500 Days of Summer". I LOVED, this movie. It was so good, and funny. I loved the story and how it is told. I recommend it for everyone.

After we got home after midnight, I was surprisingly still awake, so I wanted to leave happy notes on people's cars. Brady humored me and we walked around the parking lot writing silly notes and sticking them on random people's cars. We even left notes on stairs, by the pool and other things, with the Spanish word for those things, since I'm learning Spanish in school.

It was a good night and start to our 3 day weekend.

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