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Past Times: WDW Honeymoon July 2008: Magic Kingdom

On our 2nd full day of Disney World, we went to the Magic Kingdom. After a little breakfast at the hotel, we got on the Monorail that stops at our hotel and rode over to the park. We knew that the Magic Kingdom wasn't going to be exactly like Disneyland, but we we're kind of surprised how different it was. I will explain as we go. The one thing I loved though, is the space. The Magic Kingdom is much more spread out with wider walking areas, so we never felt claustrophobic.

I was immediately entranced by the Cinderella Castle. It is huge and gorgeous.
Ignore my buxom chest.

We headed over to Space Mountain first, since this is what we usually do in Disneyland. We were amazed when the wait was only 20 minutes! Space Mountain in Disney World is the old school version. So it's not as good as it is in Disneyland, but it was cool to ride it because it reminded me of our trips to Disneyland when I was young kid.

Next was Tomorrowland Indy Speedway, or Autotopia as I call it. When we got on, the cast member saw that we were Just Married and asked us if we would want to go around twice so we could share a car and both get a chance to drive. Sounded great! She tied a towel on the car so when we came back the other cast members would know that we're going around again. They took a picture of us too. I love the cast members!
Next we walked through Fantasyland.
My strong Prince
We were looking for something to do around here and spotted a theater showing "Mickey's PhilharMagic". It's a 3-D movie starring Donald Duck and it's very musical, of course, I guess you can compare it to Fantasia. I'm really glad we saw it, because it was very good.
When we got out the movie we decided to just hop onto "it's a small world". The line wasn't long, so why not.
Now for the Haunted Mansion. Always a treat. I thought this was interesting since it's exterior is so different from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. I think it looks more ominous.The ride is slightly shorter than Disneyland's, this will not be the last time we notice this about Magic Kingdom rides.

After HM, it was time for lunch. We spotted a little place with fish and chips called "Columbia Harbour House". This restaurant is the Disney style fast food where you order and step to the side and they give you food and then you go find a seat.
While we were in line, I was looking around for a place to sit, with little hope. It was so crowded in there, I was afraid we were going to have to go outside to eat on a bench. We grabbed our food and Brady spotted a staircase. We went upstairs and found this:

It was completely empty up here, and it had tons of empty tables. We felt like we had struck gold and found an oasis in Disney World. We settled ourselves by a window to eat while watching the people below outside. It was the best private lunch ever, until, another family came upstairs. We were just about done eating but this family, with like 4 kids, chose the table right next to ours! Seriously people. There were tons of completely empty tables everywhere and they decided to ruin our quiet time by plopping their loud kids next to us. We left very soon after.

It was now getting a little sprinkly outside, good thing we brought along our ponchos from the day before, we put them on for a little bit then got in line for Splash Mountain. This ride is also shorter than Disneyland's, but who doesn't love Splash Mountain? And since we had our ponchos on, no uncomfortable wet pants afterwards.

Brady and I don't remember going to Thunder Mountain, so we may have skipped that one, or maybe it was closed, or maybe it wasn't memorable.

Now for Brady's favorite, Pirates of the Caribbean. In the line there was a couple in front of us that were also Just Married, but they were definitely in their 30's, it was a little weird, they said congratulations to us and we said "you too!" then they were in the same boat as us on the ride. They were an odd couple. The ride was shorter than than Disneyland's as well, only one "drop" and some things were missing.

One thing I had to give Disney World a high five for is for keeping things "old school", they don't often update rides and make old things new again, like Disneyland often does. With that said, I give you: THE SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON TREEHOUSE!
I love this attraction. I saw it at Disneyland when I was like 7. Then they got rid of it and replaced it with Tarzan's Treehouse, which is slightly lame. I love the movie, Swiss Family Robinson, and LOVED the treehouse and always wanted for live in it. I have to admit, when people would ask me what I was the most excited for before going to Disney World, I would say this!
Yes, I did take pictures of every little thing. Brady laughed at me, and I annoyed the people walking behind us, wanting to just get through this place. I was in heaven.

After this high, we were getting a little tired so we decided to start heading back to the hotel to take a nap. We walked through the Main Street shops to see what looked good for souvenirs.
It's he cute?!

After a little rest we went back to the park.
Our hotel from the Magic Kingdom

We got dinner at Terrace Noodle Station in Tomorrowland. They serve Asian food and it sounded good. The food was ok, nothing too spectacular. The woman that took our order gave us a free chocolate cake for being Just Marrried! After eating dinner we cracked into the cake and it, was, not, good, at, all. Disney failed at the chocolate cake. EPIC FAIL!

We decided to burn some time before the fireworks started so we went to another "old school" attraction: The Carousel of Progress!
This is about the progress of technology from the turn of the century to "the present". The show is fine and dandy and the song is catchy, then when they get to the end, it's laugh out loud hilariously cheesy and ridiculous. The clothes the "people" are wearing and the technology, like virtual reality head gear, are awesome.

Next we saw Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. I enjoy this in Disneyland, so on we went. It was fun and Brady kicked my booty at the shooting. What really cracked me up was when we saw our picture:
Look at Brady's face, he looked SO Bored! And I was trying so hard to do good! Brady told me that he was having fun. Come to find out, whenever Brady plays video games, that is the expression on his face. His "game face". Hilarious.

It was almost time for the fireworks so we settled down on a bench thing, outside of Tomorrowland. We just chilled and watched the light on the castle change colors.
After the firework show we headed back to the hotel, but not before buying our Mickey and Minnie Wedding Mouse Ears!There is a ferry that goes back and forth from the Magic Kingdom to a dock next to our hotel, so we took that instead of the crowded Monorail. Perfect end to a fun day.

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