Monday, August 10, 2009

Our last week

Hello! Here are some updates from the past week. I was sick last weekend and half of the week, I don't know what I had but it finally went away and I'm feeling good.

Brady got a promotion at Riley Racing where he works, to be a supervisor, along with a raise. Woo Hoo! He also has been hired at his internship place "Voices Studio". He'll be teaching a class one day a week on how to do video for their little news program they make. I'm very proud of Brady for all of his accomplishments. We celebrated his achievments by going out for sushi, yummy.

On Friday night, we went out to the Phoenix Art Museums "First Fridays" with Brady's best friend Brian and his girlfriend Catherine (or Cat?). It was fun to just walk around looking at weird art exhibits with other people. We then went to get food at an English "pub"called "George and Dragon".

On Saturday we took a day trip to Safford for the Bingham Family Reunion. We got there in time for lunch, delicious burrito bar. Brady and I participated, or were forced to, in the Badmitton tournament. We played against Marshall and Mallory and lost 13-15. Oh well, I'm suprised we did that good in the first place. :) We chilled in the cool weather then headed down, took a nap, visited my dad and headed home. The Gila Valley Temple is looking like a temple these days. This is best picture I got while driving by.
It's not going to long before it's all done.
We stopped in Miami for delicious mexican food. We were going to go to Burger House but they were close to closing and it was really crowded so we went to Guayo's El Rey instead. It was awesome.

On Sunday we wake up and get ready for church, we are amazingly ready on time and arrive at church at 9am. We walk in and find things are not quite right. It all of the sudden pops in my head that it's Stake Conference! We were an hour early for it! We got a kick out of this. We haven't been to our ward in 3 weeks and so we have forgotten that it was coming up. Well, we got awesome seats in the soft pews, instead of the hard metal chairs in the back. Fun Times.


  1. Fun times indeed! The first fridays sounded fun... it is interesting that Brian has a girlfriend now. You will have to tell me about her.

    I am glad you had fun in Safford as well-- thanks for the temple pic. It looks like it is coming along! We will all have to do road trip for the open house.

  2. I'm so glad you posted on my blog. I would have never known you had a blog. It looks like you two are having lots of fun.