Sunday, August 23, 2009


So I'm taking a break from the WDW posts to tell about our adventure on Saturday. I have mentioned before how Brady's family is into motorcycles and stuff. Well, Brady's dad decides he wants to do a day trip up to Mormon Lake to escape the heat. So Brady and I went along with my brother-in-law, Riley, and the Gillman's family friend, Steve. Of course I'm a passenger and so I rode on the back of Brady's bike on the way up there. We left around 7:30 in the morning and rode up through Payson.
Here is Brady before we left.

I took some pictures while riding, I'm such a daredevil.
(Brady says: "I didn't even know she was taking pictures! Its not easy to look around and see whats going on behind you...")
The back of Brady's jacket.Steve led the way with Riley following, then Brady and me, and Blake was behind us.HiWe got up to Mormon Lake and 10 seconds after I got off of the bike, I got stung by a bee on my finger! It hurt a bit, but not too bad, and since I'm not allergic, no problems.
(Brady says: "Stupid bee! Its ok though, Nicole promptly stomped on it when she found it on the ground.")
We went to go eat at the Mormon Lake Lodge restaurant; Steve had raved about the hamburgers they serve there. Brady and I decided to be different and get the French Dip sandwiches, which were delicious! (Brady says: "YUM! The onion rings were good too!")

After eating, we started heading back home. I decided to ride on the back of Blake's bike on the way back, Brady's bike isn't the most comfy for my legs and feet.

We left expecting to be home by 3:00pm. But that is when bad things start happening:

About 15 minutes out, Brady's bike ran out of gas.
I'm glad I wasn't on his bike when this happened since he said it started jerking badly. (Brady says: "Its a little scary when your bike starts bucking all over the place and you don't know why! I basically coasted to a stop while everybody in front of me sped off, Steve was behind me and stopped. Then all of the cars behind us were passing me, making me feel like a loser. That was until a lady pulled over in her truck and asked if I needed any help, but help was already on the way. I said I was ok, and told her thanks anyways... You always feel like a fool when you're out of gas! FOOL!")

Well, we waited for Steve and Blake to go get some gas back at Mormon Lake and when they got back, they had put the gas in a drinking thermos since the place they got gas didn't sell those gas can things.
After Brady got his bike started, he headed back to fill up with Steve following, Blake, myself and Riley went ahead to find a better place to pull over to wait.
(Brady says: "I took off back to Mormon Lake to fill up, but I forgot my wallet. I had put it in my Dad's saddlebags. Thats why Steve had to follow me. Again, feeling like a FOOL, I managed to fill up an make it back to the group.")
Once we all got together, back on the rode we went to another gas station and topped off. Then something else happened: RAIN!

We weren't exactly prepared for rainy weather so we just rode through it. It was coming down hard and almost horizontal. I was slightly more fortunate to be on the back with someone since the rain didn't come right at me. The rain stopped about 10 minutes later and we pulled over and saw how bad everyone got soaked. I was soaked up to my knees but Riley was soaked everywhere since his bike didn't even have a front window to stop anything. Steve had rain gear with him so he changed into that since his clothes were pretty soaked. I couldn't help but laugh at all this.

(Brady says: "By the time the rain started we were just coming off of the Rim, so all of the roads were switchbacks and super steep. It was a little scary in the rain when the roads are so slick.")

We started up again and stopped in Payson for a snack, ice cream sundaes from Sonic. We had mostly dried off by now and were feeling pretty good and ready to get home since our booties were sore, especially mine, Blake's back seat was a little narrow, but my legs weren't sore, so there was a slight plus.

So the last stretch was a doozy, we hit rain, again, and it was worse than the first time. It came down hard and thick. I was still dry in the torso for a little bit, but that didn't last long. I did finally start getting soaked everywhere. I was wearing two jackets, but they weren't rain resistant. We were going slow, and traffic was speeding past us and spraying water all over. I'm really glad I was with Blake at this time as well. Brady had to practically stand up to see over his fogged up windshield and his got splashed with a huge wave of water.

(Brady says: "I had to stand up to see over the windshield because of all the spray off of the other cars. It was pretty freaky, but then a minivan passed me pretty quick and drenched me with a huge wave of water. NOT COOL MINIVAN! Not cool. Later when it had been raining for a while we passed a rock wall that had waterfalls gushing off the top. It was crazy to see all that water come from nowhere like that.")

It rained until we got outside of Fountain Hills.

Once we got back (around 5:00pm), my butt hurt so bad, every bump we had hit was torturous and I was surprised I was able to walk after getting off of the bike. Brady took a picture of me telling me to show how I felt: Apparently I felt like a rooster with a sore toosh.
(Brady says: "Look at how soaked Nicole is! I couldn't help but laugh a little.")

Even with all the rain, I did have a fun time. I would go again, but take a pillow to sit on next time.

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