Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vacation update: Nashua, NH and Boston, MA

Long Post!

Sorry I haven't posted sooner about more of our vacation. I've been in Glendale the past couple days for University of Phoenix's graduation. I volunteered to help out for work. It wasn't my favorite thing to do. It was a lot of sitting around and doing nothing with 2 minutes of busy time. Oh well, I get a day off of work next week for doing it and I got to room with Paula, who is one of my best friends. We were roommates back in our EAC days and remained best friends until now. We watched "The Hills" at night to pass the time. It was awesome girly time.

Paula working on her class, me chillin' in the mirror.
Paula's silly
UOP Stadium
Paula and me. No, she wasn't graduating, she's faculty.
Paula sneakily carried a Diet Coke with her to the stands...
Those robes are useful for something.
Faculty walking out for graduation. There were lots of them.

But now on to vacation stuff.

On July 4th we flew into New Hampshire. Brady's dad picked us up from the airport and we drove to Shannon's house.
After about a half hour of hello's and relaxing. We walked over to where Nashua's firework show is held, a small baseball stadium.
We sat in the outfield and found out that they launch the fireworks just on the other side of the field wall.
Rafe! He was still afraid of me at this time.

The fireworks started and they were AMAZAING! No firework show has shocked me so much since Disneyland. They were so huge and filled the entire sky. Brady and I were shocked and screamed and laughed the whole time.
Here is a video to show the awesomeness.

Here is another video showing a little of the finale and hear me freaking out. I don't know why I turned my camera sideways.

It was a great show. We then went to our hotel for the night.
Yup. Our Radisson looked like a castle, random.

A note about our hotel: the beds were supposed to be queen size, however, they were full. Brady and I slept in seperate beds most of the trip, just so we could sleep comfortably.
The beds didn't even fit the headboards!

On July 5th was baby Skye's blessing day. Church was at 1pm but we arrived at Shannon's at 10am (don't ask). We sat around for a couple hours then took some family pictures. They turned out pretty cute. I haven't cropped these so there's a lot of extra head room.
Brady and IShannon, Michael, Rafe and Skye
Cindy and Blake (Mom and Dad)
Everyone (except Riley)

The blessing went well and the rest of the day was relaxing. Rafe got a race car set from the Papa and Mammie (Blake and Cindy). He was really excited about it. He would only race the yellow car and it broke within 10 minutes. It did get fixed by Thursday, but he would still refuse to race the red car, making one of us, Papa, Brady or myself, do it, while he watched.
Holding Skye

On July 6th, the work began. Brady's mom had a long "to-do-list" for everyone to help work on for home improvement's at Shannon's. Brady worked outside with his dad, like taking 1,910 pounds of brick from Shannon's front porch to the dump. They also broke a brick planter box thing next to the garage door and found a bees nest.

I helped mask the kitchen cabinets since the inside of them were going to be painted from pink to white. Jet lag hit me this day and I was grumpy so Cindy let me sleep during some work.
Huge improvement when it was done. (no before picture)

I liked hanging out with Skye. He was so cute with thick black hair that stood straight out.

Brady helped his dad lay cement for the base of Shannon's future granite steps.
Brady ready to work/before picture

Cement truck rolling in
Brady's "ready to work like a man" pose
July 7th: Boston!
On Tuesday, Brady, Brady's dad Blake, and myself went to Boston for the day. The weather was cloudy and it rained that day, but it was a nice break to get away and do something away from Nashua. First Brady and Blake took the bricks from the planter box they broke up to the dump. I kept Rafe company while he played cars. I raced the red car while just turned the lights of the yellow one on and off.
Such a cutie!

Rafe got interested in my camera and liked pushing the on/off button to open and close the lens. I got him to push the main button to take a picture of himself.
Rafe's first self portrait.

We drove to Boston and made our way over first to the Old North Church where Paul Revere hung the 2 lanterns to tell everyone that the British were coming.
This would be the view sitting in the pew.
These were dog tags representing the soldiers that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Boston is easy to walk in and as we made our way over to the "Paul Revere House" we stopped in at "Mike's Pastry". Shannon had told me about this place the day before and said we had to go there and everything is delicious.
We popped in and we all decided to get an eclair.
They were huge! None of us could finish it but it sure was delicious. I will go again someday.

We got to the Paul Revere house and paid $3.50 each to get in. Not worth it. No guided tour and it was kind of boring. I guess visiting many church history sites in our lives that are awesome can put a damper on these type of places.
This is Brady in front of the herb garden at the Revere House. We've been trying to grow herbs for a while and they all die and so we were jealous that the east coast could grow anything!

We left to walk over to the U.S.S. Constitution. This is one of the very first ships built for the US Navy in the 1700's, and has never lost a battle it was in. We ended up driving there since the rain got worse.

It was pretty cool. The ship was even built there in Boston so they feel pretty prideful to have it there.
They were doing some repairs on the ship so the masts were off, thus we did not get the full effect.
Ship's Officer's roomsCaptain's quarters.Boston Skyline

We got back in the car and drove to Beacon Hill where all the fancy homes with pretty architecture is, with the cobblestone streets. We went to a little cafe called "Bella Vita" and got sandwiches and clam chowder, Yummy.
We drove around a little bit so I can see more of the pretty houses then we made our way over to Fenway Park, but not before passing the "Cheers" bar!
There was a Red Sox game that day so it was a little crazy. We just went to the Team Shop since Blake wanted a new hat. The team shop was huge! Boston fans are insane. Brady got himself a hat. Blake asked why I didn't want one. I started to explaing that I'd rather have a Yankee hat and had to shut myself up before getting punched in the face by a crazy Boston fan. It was funny.
When walking back to the car, it was pouring. But we survived! That was our day in Boston.
When we got back to Nashua, Shannon and Cindy had gone to Ikea and bought a new island for the kitchen which the men then put together.
It turned out pretty good.

On July 8th we took it easy. Brady, Blake, Rafe, and I drove 20 minutes up the road to the Anheuser Busch beer plant to take a tour. It was pretty interesting. We were the first one's there and the only people in our tour group so it was pretty cool. Making beer is a very clean process the tour guide says that they are cleaning the place all the time.
Bottling Bud Light.Rafe's shorts were a little too big for him, so when he would walk around he would pull his shorts up like this. It was really funny.

During the summer, they keep the Budweiser Clydsdale horses here. It's really nice and pretty.
Later I gave Shannon her gift that I made. I cross stitched a wall hanging for Skye's birth with his name, date of birth, and weight, she seemed to like it. I found a frame that fit it at Michael's, but didn't take a picture of that.

July 9th: Bored!
Brady and I finally hit the bored wall this day. We had nothing to do that was fun or interesting. We went to "Alec's Shoes" a shoe store in downtown Nashua that Brady has told me about many times saying it was the greatest, but I wasn't too impressed. I only found one pair of heals I was interested in but they didn't have a size that would fit me. We went to LL Bean to look for rain coats for New York. We decided not to get anything but Bradys parents continued to look at stuff for the longest time. We were going crazy!
So Bored!!The granite steps were delivered.Shannon was super proud of her new porch.
At the end of the day, we went out to eat to "La Carretta's" a mexican food place. I was kind of excited, I was craving mexican, but leary since eastern states don't know what good mexican food is. The salsa was really mild. I had to ask for the hot stuff, which was pretty good. When asking our waitress for a bean burrito enchilada style, she looked at me like I was crazy and said, "they don't do that", she didn't know what I was talking about. I settled on a combo dish and the burrito in that combo was "enchilada style". Weird. The enchilada sauce was not spicy, it was spiced with cinnamon, it was weird. I didn't finish my meal. Oh well.

That was it! We left for New York early the next day! Another post to come...


  1. Okay, so we need to do a trip together just to see Brady pose like that everywhere.

  2. I pose a lot as well, so it seems like Brady and I have the same taste in pictures!

    I am glad to see pictures of the steps because I couldn't picture them when you were telling me about them. I love the picture that personifies boredom.