Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So many updates!

Hello! We're back from our vacation. It was fun and tiring and have a lot to tell everyone, but it will need to be broken up into a few different blogs. I thought I would start with a couple of mini news and then start at the beginning of our vacation.

1st: I finished my Baseball and Film class on the 2nd of July. The final wasn't too difficult and I got a B in the class! Yay!

2nd: Brady and I celebrated our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary on July 11th. I will detail later our adventures, since it was in New York, but now I will say I'm very happy I married Brady. He's very patient and kind and loves me very much. This has been the best year ever.

On to vacation stuff. I'll start on July 3rd: My mom's 50th birthday!

My mom told my sister and I a long time ago that she wanted a special 50th birthday. We started planning and this is what we did for my beautiful, wonderful mom.

She drove to Mesa in the morning and met up with Sarah at her house. We didn't tell my mom what we would do that day so everything was a surprise. Sarah took my mom out for breakfast to a little restaurant called "Crackers". My mom loves their breakfasts. Then they drove to the salon we all get our hair done and Kara, who cuts all of us girl's hair, styled my mom's hair for the day.
Apparently, Sarah didn't get a finished hair picture.

I then met up with them and we surprised mom with pedicures.
I got a finished pedicure picture.

We then drove to the store and surprised my mom with her own little shopping spree so she would have something awesome to wear to the dinner that night.

We got a light lunch at "Ned's Crazy Subs" and then went back to Sarah's to chill until dinner. I went home to meet up with Brady.

At this time, my mom thought that it would just be the four of us at dinner, yet we had another surprise, other family member's were coming too! Grandma and Grandpa Bingham were coming along and since Sarah had to pick them up to get to the restaurant, Sarah blindfolded mom so she wouldn't know that she was picking them up. I wasn't there, but I wish I was when I saw this picture.
Hilarious. Mom said that it was hard to even talk while blindfolded.
Well Sarah picked them up and mom was surprised that her parent's were there to celebrate with us.
After getting to the restaurant, my mom saw that there were still more seats available at our table and then the Bourgeous Family showed up: Laura, Dave and Paige.
I have to post this picture. Too funny.

We went to dinner at "The Keg" which is a fancyish stakehouse. The restaurant knew it was mom's birthday and even gave her a card that all the waiters signed. It was cute.
Brady and I brought my mom some gold balloons, because 50 needs gold, and a dozen roses.

It was a fun day and mom had a good time.

We love you very much, Mom! Happy 50th Birthday!


  1. This is a great post! I love the pic of your mom in the blindfold and I can't wait to see her today!

    Also... I love the photoshop job on your wedding pic! Way to use those ACU skills!

  2. It looks like your mom had an awesome birthday! You guys are so fun! And congrats on our first anniversary, can't wait to see pics of New York!

  3. I love everyone's hair although I heard that has changed too for some of you. I am so glad this birthday turned out. Way to go Nicole and Sarah. I Love You guys!
    Have fun @ Wicked!
    Aunt Niecy