Monday, July 27, 2009

New York! New York! :Part 2

July 11, 2009: Our One Year Anniversary!
One year down! We made it! We had a great first year. I love Brady so much more now than I did the day I married him. We had a good day in New York. Day two was my favorite, when we did my favorite things.
After getting ready in the morning, I gave Brady his anniversary gift which was Gucci cologne. It smells so good! I guess it's a gift more for me, than him. :)
We decided to go out looking for a place to eat breakfast. We started walking down 51st St., and ran into Rockefeller Center! It was really nice. We were watching the Today Show earlier in the hotel room and I was able to recognize where the people stand during the show.
Another great thing was being at 30Rock!
Brady and I love this show so much, we quote it all the time and tell people that they need to watch it.
We went into the "NBC Experience" store, which is the souvenir shop for NBC. It was a fun store except they didn't have enough 30 Rock stuff. They had tons and tons of stuff for "The Office", but only half a section for 30 Rock. :( Oh well, we didn't buy anything for ourselves anyways.
Brady holding his "Dundie" award.

We then moved on, still looking for breakfast. We saw a cart selling breakfast sandwiches and stopped there. We were standing in line, when I spotted a diner called "Astro" that serves breakfast. We went over there and had the most delicious breakfast! Best random little diner ever!
MineBrady'sWe walked over to Museum of Modern Art (the MoMA).
I knew this museum was going to be a little weird with questionable art but I didn't expect what I got. The first two floors were the galleries that get changed out every once and a while, and I was so disappointed! The stuff there, I didn't feel was really art! A page ripped out of a Winnie the Pooh coloring book and scribbled on, was on display. Really? Around the 2nd floor, Brady noticed that I was quiet and asked what I thought about the museum so far, and I just said "I think it's stupid." I really did, at that point, I was bored with the non-art. Once we got to upper floors (there were 6 total), it got better. I guess I need to see some more familiar stuff to enjoy myself.
This was some exhibit of somebodies stuff, just junk that has built up over the years and arranged to look like art. Ugh.
The junk from the 6th floor.
OK, this was kind of neat. This was a room where you measure yourself and can write your name and the date you were there. Brady was taller than average.I was average.
Jackson PollockWhat does it mean?!
We really liked this one, and bought a poster of it.
Picasso. Duh.Sometimes good art is hard to find.
I love Kandinsky!
You may have seen this one before.
By the time we got to the top. I was exhausted. But we weren't slowing down. We stopped at the MoMA store and bought some posters that we could hang on our walls in our bedroom, which have been completely bare since we've been married.

We got on the subway and headed to Central Park. On the way there, we got on the wrong subway (the express instead of the local train) and ended up like 50 blocks north of where we wanted to be. We almost ended up in Harlem. It was funny.

We finally got to Central Park. I loved it. We first hit up Strawberry Fields.
I tried getting a picture of the "Imagine" mural, but the people in front of it wouldn't move! So I had to get an upside down picture.
We walked a path and walked into the Bethesda Terrace. It was really nice and not as crowded as I thought it would be.
We saw this guy dressed as Jack Sparrow and he had a box in front of him that said "Put money in the box to make Jack come alive". Someone put money in there and he started to move around. It was random. But a pretty good costume.
We walked up a path and sat on a bench to relax our tired legs and talk. We people watched and watched the people in row boats on the lake.
One Year!
He loves me. :)
This was a plague on the bench we sat on. I thought it was cute.
We walked up to the Bow Bridge and then decided to start walking down the park and then detour to the temple. On the way we saw some people playing something and they were all dressed in white, we walked up saw that these elderly people were playing a bocce ball tournament. It was pretty cool, we watched for like 5 minutes. Those people were really good.
We then saw Sheep Meadow, where everyone just lounges around. Good photo ops.
We got our New York hotdogs.
"I'm buying ALL the hot dogs!"

Then we finally reached the Manhattan Temple.
Pretty cool. I think we got there at the time that shift change was going to happen at the temple because a bunch of old people arrived at the same time.
We headed back to our hotel to relax a little bit then headed to "Blue Smoke" for our anniversary dinner.
Brady had been to this place before and I've heard about it since we started dating. He even has a coaster on our kitchen wall. He decided that this is where he wanted to take me for our anniversary. It was a good idea, because it was delicious. It's a BBQ place so I got brisket and Brady got pulled pork, I think. The red potatoes, hush puppies, beans, everything, that came with our meals was so good. Their bbq sauces were amazing as well. We got dessert as well. I got the hot fudge sundae and Brady got a pie, I think :)
Our seats were awesome. The bench was full of comfy denim pillows.
This is how we felt after dinner.

Side note: Our waitress, a New Yorker, complimented me on my shirt! Success!
So Fun

One more day to come.

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