Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New York! New York!: Last Day!

July 12, 2009: Our last day.
We woke up, got ready, checked out of the hotel (had them hold our luggage longer though), ate breakfast, then went shopping!

As we walked down toward 5th Ave. :), we came upon Madison Ave. It was filled with vendors selling all the knock off bags, dresses, sunglasses and other stuff. It was pretty cool.
We then cut to 5th Ave and first go to Banana Republic. They had some good sales and I got some clothes for work.

We then hit up H&M. This one was huge. 3 stories. And I found a bunch of cute tops. I found some jeans too that were in my size. I didn't try on anything because they only had one fitting room area open and the line was really long and I didn't want to wait so I just bought everything. The shirts all fit, but sadly, the jeans did not (too small). So I'm going to see if I can loose the weight and get into them. Ultimately H&M got a big thumbs up.
By now, I was shopped out. We went into Saks 5th Ave, which is 10 stories tall, but after the 2nd story, I called it quits.

We walked to the New York Public Library, but it was closed, being Sunday and all.
After a little rest and snack in a Chipotle, we stopped by Grand Central Terminal and looked around then headed back to the hotel.
Then taxied to LaGuardia Airport.
Goodbye New York City!

While at our layover in Chicago, we did a lot of walking. Sitting on a plane sure does wear you out. We were still carrying around our posters from the MoMA. Here is Brady demonstrating the fashion of which he carried them around everywhere (including Central Park). They were carried at an angle so as not to be dragged on the ground. We thought this was funny. (Sarah thought it was hilarious!)
The next day we took the day off of work to recuperate. It was much needed. We also pulled out our cake top for our anniversary treat.

Story about the cake. We had a small wedding cake, and since I didn't want to run out, we served the whole cake at our receptions. My friend Stacey, who grew up with Sarah, said that we had to have a cake top to freeze, so she offered to make one for us. She decorated it to have our colors like our flowers on our real cake and even took some of our blue flowers from our cake. It was so nice of her and it turned out beautiful.
And here is Stacey when she got married to Patrick.
Sarah and Stacey.
We thawed the cake out and then Brady cut in.
Year old cake is not tasty. Brady ate like 3 bites, until I told him that he didn't need to keep eating it. Then we threw it away.
Why is this tradition important? What's the significance?

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  1. Ha.. we didnt save our cake top!! We had a lot of cake left over.. and when we got back from our honeymoon...more like 3 nights in a was still there.. but my mom ended up throwing it out cuz it got dry and no one was eating any.. plus.. on our year anniv. who knows where we will be.. hopefully okinawa.. but it may change..but if we are.. I wouldnt take a cake with me! lol