Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School, UGH!

I just started my summer class at ASU. I'm taking "Baseball, Film and American Dreams", yeah I know sounds easy and stuff, but this is a 5-week class and I've never taken a whole class in such a short amount of time. I started yesterday and I have a mid-term in 10 days! A mid-term! I am happy that the class will be done really quickly, but I get stressed easily with school these days. I started at ASU in January, determined to get my bachelors degree in Film and Media Studies, and it was not a pretty semester, there were a lot of stress sweats and tears. Brady wasn't too happy either that I got so cranky, but he is incredibly patient with me and refuses to let me quit, which I do threaten to do. He's a great cheerleader for me. Amazingly I did ok last semester, I got a C and two B's, not too shabby for someone who was out of school for over a year. I hated writing all the papers. I got my associates degree in Film Editing and I hadn't written a real paper in forever. My papers got torn apart through out the semester. Luckily I got B's on my last essays.
So I'll be diving into this class and watching a lot of baseball movies. This week was A League of Their Own, which I love for the obvious reason of Tom Hanks. The other one was Eight Men Out about the 1919 World Series, when the White Sox threw the series after making a deal with betters for extra money. I didn't know anything about this scandal and I found the movie to be quite interesting. Which leads me to a question: What happend to D.B. Sweeney? I actually really like him.
He did Eight Men Out, which he was great in, playing the legend, "Shoeless Joe" Jackson.

And who can forget The Cutting Edge? Toe pick! It's a classic!

And that's it, what happened? The Cutting Edge came out in 1992! No more worth noting, yet his IMDb.com filmography is quite long. Oh well.


  1. I have actually never seen "A League of Thier Own". Are you going to divorce me as your friend now?

    Also, if you need a good proofreader for your papers, let me know!

  2. D.B was also in Fire In The Sky. A "true" story about my mom's cousin being taken up in a UFO by aliens.

    You should check it out.