Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Final Day

Our Fashion Challenge has come to a close. We ended our day all dressed in black and brown. I took a chance of looking ridiculous at work and wore black jeans with my black shirt. Paula claims I looked fine and not embarrassing, but I felt foolish and uncoordinated.
I feel I faced the challenge head on with this outfit and would win the challenge...until Brady got home and I saw what he was wearing...
Brown everything!
Is this fair since he's a boy an has more accessories to wear? (i.e. tie, hat, etc.) And he works with like 5 people who don't care what he wears. I work with hundreds of people who I would walk by and get stares, plus I had to walk up to all of the directors to get signatures in my black. No fair. :(
I think I have to bow out and let Brady have the win, or should I?

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