Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Day 2

The challenge continues. So I wore a white shirt but I had a black tank underneath it so I feel I did ok. There's only so much black you could wear to look presentable for work.
Brady did pretty good today. Wearing a brown t-shirt and tan khaki shorts.
Brady just revealed to me that he wore the same outfit as Jeff, one his friends from work. He sadly did not take a picture of the awesome event.

I have since changed out of my work outfit, but feeling that I must beat this challenge I am wearing a black shirt.

OK, I now need to turn my full attention to tonight's "Wipeout"

1 comment:

  1. I like Brady's outfit today, the colors look like something I would wear. I like your outfit as well, but I would have to give it to Brady for the "Day 2" win, since you did wear white to work. It would have been a lot better if you would have dressed like Marilyn Manson.