Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, its Tuesday night and I come rolling home to find Nicole in the kitchen doing dishes... and watching Laguna Beach on DVD. (No thanks to Evan and Paula.) I personally can't stand the show because I hated high school and I hate the pretend bologna drama they put on Tv that involve high schoolers. Anyway...

I come home to find Nicole in the kitchen, with the tv blaring out the name "Steee-ven!" over and over. Minutes later after doing the usual husband and wife salutations (aka 'Hello, Love!', 'How was your day?', 'Fine', etc., etc., etc.), we find ourselves on the couch watching aforementioned tv show, while I blert out heckles about how corny this show is. Eventually Nicole gets annoyed with my ranting and shut it off. Then we get to thinking about dinner.

I'm not particulary hungry at this moment, but Nicole was starving. Niether of us felt like cooking, so we wisked our selves off to our favorite mexican restauraunt (Someburros) and commenced to be fed. Previously I had changed into some brown shorts after coming home, and while munching on my tasty tacos with Nicole, I realize that she's almost dressed completely in black! WHaT?!

If you know Nicole at all, you know she usually tries to look well dressed and coordinated. Me on the other hand is a completely different story. First Rule of Dressing Like Brady: If its clean, it's fit to wear. I had unknowingly left the house in such a rush for tacos that I forgot that I was wearing several patterns of plaid and whats worse, all that plaid was in various shades of brown! Lumberjacks Unite! Since we're both fashion rejects tonight, we decided to see if we could improve on the disaster! I officially issued a Fashion Challenge right there in Someburros. We had to dress in completely in black (for Nicole) and brown (for me) until Friday night. I threw down the gauntlet and Nicole immediately accepted. Its go time! To celebrate we went home and whisked up some brownies to prepare our selves for the awesome Fashion Gauntlet of Blackness/Browness of the Century!

This is Nicole using her face to mix the brownies. The attempt was successful. Awesome. Period.


  1. Wow.. Brady.. your outfit!!!! Thats horrible!! Nicole.. you let him walk out the house like that?? lol.. and I think you looked cute in all black!!!! I hope to see pictures everyday of your black/brown affair!!

  2. There are muliple things about this post to love. First, Brady, I hate Laguna Beach as well. It hurts my brain, and the constant braying of "STEVEN" will haunt your dreams.

    Also, the challenge... amazing. I tend to wear a lot of browns too, but I try to set them up with blue jean. Just a suggestion.

  3. The challenges are amazing. I love it and can't wait to see Nicole at work tomorrow.

    Yes, LB is corny, but somehow awesome. STEPHEN! STEPHEN! Love it.

    The best thing about LB is the recaps that Bside did on Season 2 (and a couple of episodes in season 1). He sold his website in Season 2 of the Hills, but continued his awesome snarky-ness on his new site.

    Personally, the recaps made the show better. You can't just watch the show, you have to read as well.


    Watch the show at home, read the recaps at work! :)


    Wow. I am a reality TV show nerd! I am as embarrassed as Brady should be in that outfit!