Sunday, June 28, 2009

What's going on here!?

Everyone is dying!

Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and now just today, Billy Mays! I'm glad I'm not a celebrity, they seem to be dropping like flies.

This is all very sad. All of these people have made their mark on pop culture and losing them feels a little uneasy for me. I watched Ed McMahon on "Star Search" every Sunday night when I was little. I listened to Michael Jackson's music for as long as I can remember, and I loved his videos up through high school. Farrah Fawcett hair! Billy May's cracks me up.
Who's gonna sell me stuff on TV now, and with such enthusiasm. Who's going to send me mail telling me I won a million dollars? Who's face is going to scare the crap out of me whenever he appears? What other "Charlie Angel" am I supposed to care about now? All the fun seems to be coming to an end.

After Michael Jackson died, and I have forgotten about Farrah Fawcett's death, along with the rest of the world, I felt we needed to honor his memory by watching "13 Going on 30", of course for the amazing Thriller scene. Brady had never seen the movie and said "no". I was a little saddened by this, however, I sweet talked him into it on Friday and Brady beheld the glory of the film and the Thriller scene. He enjoyed the movie.

Speaking of Brady and me. Here's what's been going on with us.
Our trip is just a week away and we're very excited. I only have 4 days of work (and school), an awesome day with my mom for her 50th birthday, and then we're off.
This Saturday, Brady went out with our friend Evan to shoot a commercial for a contest they're entering for I wasn't able to go because of a dentist appointment, but the footage looked great. I'm excited to see how they do.
While Brady did that, and after the dentist, Sarah and I went shopping. I needed some decent clothes that fit me for New York. I've gained weight since getting married and 2/3 of my wardrobe doesn't fit so great. I blame the pill. I was able to find some cute stuff, I hope I don't grow out of this stuff too.
Saturday evening Brady and I went shopping for his new clothes too. Yeah, we've both gained weight. He was able to find some great stuff too. FYI: The store "Buckle" sucks! It used to have such good stuff, now it's as if the printing machines regurgitated onto the shirts.
This seems to be the minimum print on a shirt at Buckle

And it's so deceiving when you pick up a shirt and doesn't look to bad like this:

But this you turn to see the back of it and you get this:


I will leave you with the "13 Going on 30" goodness of Thriller.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Just some updates

I realized that I haven't updated the blog on what we've been up to... Which is nothing. We've been keeping busy but nothing too exciting. Brady is starting an internship at a company that does private voice and instrument lessons and other classes called "Voices". He'll be helping out with a "news video" they do that plays in their lobby. We're pretty excited about it.

I just finished my 3rd week of my Baseball Film class. It's going pretty good. I've seen some good movies so far and I feel I'm actually learning something too. I haven't been stressed out yet either, which is pretty amazing. I've recently finished taking some Photoshop classes at work, which I really liked doing. University of Phoenix offers courses to employees called ACU's, it's basically a way to get out of work, learn something awesome, and get paid for it.

I'm looking forward to June being over. We have fun things coming up in July. Brady and I recently bought our tickets to go back east to visit Brady's sister Shannon who just had a baby, which I mentioned in a previous post. We fly out in 16 days, July 4! Woo hoo! And we'll be back east for 8 days. Brady keeps telling me that there is nothing to do in Nashua, NH, which is where Shannon lives, so I should be prepared to get bored. But I found these pictures of Nashua on Google.
How pretty is that? If I have to spend all day outside, I think I'll be ok.

One of the days we're probably going to go to Boston and take a lookie around. I've never been there, so I hope we do, and I hope we come across this place:
Doesn't it look like Diagon Alley from Harry Potter!?

My friend, Paula, suggested to me to take a detour to Concord, MA to visit the Louisa May Alcott house.
I'd be all for it, but knowing I'm the girliest girl on this trip, it probably won't happen.

On July 10th, Brady and I will break away from the rest of the family and finish our trip in the Big Apple!
I'm so so so so so excited! I went to New York once when I was 15, and although we went for 2 days, I only went into the city one day. I was really tired by that time on that trip I stayed in New Jersey with our cousin Cecily. I'm looking forward to do things I missed out on last time, like Central Park.
Rockefeller Center
Union Square
And Tine Fey!
This is the hotel we'll be staying at: Doubletree Metropolitan Hotel.
This is the lobby, it's all retro 60's style.
What's awesome is that the 11th is our 1st anniversary, and we'll be in New York all day! How perfect is that? Funny how things work out. Best trip ever? We'll see.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Final Day

Our Fashion Challenge has come to a close. We ended our day all dressed in black and brown. I took a chance of looking ridiculous at work and wore black jeans with my black shirt. Paula claims I looked fine and not embarrassing, but I felt foolish and uncoordinated.
I feel I faced the challenge head on with this outfit and would win the challenge...until Brady got home and I saw what he was wearing...
Brown everything!
Is this fair since he's a boy an has more accessories to wear? (i.e. tie, hat, etc.) And he works with like 5 people who don't care what he wears. I work with hundreds of people who I would walk by and get stares, plus I had to walk up to all of the directors to get signatures in my black. No fair. :(
I think I have to bow out and let Brady have the win, or should I?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Day 3

Here we are, day 3 of our black and brown Fashion Challenge! I kind of lost yesterday but I did better today with mostly black.
Brady wore clothing very similar to yesterday's: a brown shirt with light brown khaki shorts.
Side note: Brady did change out of the brown shorts into blue jeans for a internship meeting, however, he did not change back into the shorts until after he arrived home.

Tomorrow it is ON! We are determined to beat this to the ground and come out victorious!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fashion Challenge: Day 2

The challenge continues. So I wore a white shirt but I had a black tank underneath it so I feel I did ok. There's only so much black you could wear to look presentable for work.
Brady did pretty good today. Wearing a brown t-shirt and tan khaki shorts.
Brady just revealed to me that he wore the same outfit as Jeff, one his friends from work. He sadly did not take a picture of the awesome event.

I have since changed out of my work outfit, but feeling that I must beat this challenge I am wearing a black shirt.

OK, I now need to turn my full attention to tonight's "Wipeout"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So, its Tuesday night and I come rolling home to find Nicole in the kitchen doing dishes... and watching Laguna Beach on DVD. (No thanks to Evan and Paula.) I personally can't stand the show because I hated high school and I hate the pretend bologna drama they put on Tv that involve high schoolers. Anyway...

I come home to find Nicole in the kitchen, with the tv blaring out the name "Steee-ven!" over and over. Minutes later after doing the usual husband and wife salutations (aka 'Hello, Love!', 'How was your day?', 'Fine', etc., etc., etc.), we find ourselves on the couch watching aforementioned tv show, while I blert out heckles about how corny this show is. Eventually Nicole gets annoyed with my ranting and shut it off. Then we get to thinking about dinner.

I'm not particulary hungry at this moment, but Nicole was starving. Niether of us felt like cooking, so we wisked our selves off to our favorite mexican restauraunt (Someburros) and commenced to be fed. Previously I had changed into some brown shorts after coming home, and while munching on my tasty tacos with Nicole, I realize that she's almost dressed completely in black! WHaT?!

If you know Nicole at all, you know she usually tries to look well dressed and coordinated. Me on the other hand is a completely different story. First Rule of Dressing Like Brady: If its clean, it's fit to wear. I had unknowingly left the house in such a rush for tacos that I forgot that I was wearing several patterns of plaid and whats worse, all that plaid was in various shades of brown! Lumberjacks Unite! Since we're both fashion rejects tonight, we decided to see if we could improve on the disaster! I officially issued a Fashion Challenge right there in Someburros. We had to dress in completely in black (for Nicole) and brown (for me) until Friday night. I threw down the gauntlet and Nicole immediately accepted. Its go time! To celebrate we went home and whisked up some brownies to prepare our selves for the awesome Fashion Gauntlet of Blackness/Browness of the Century!

This is Nicole using her face to mix the brownies. The attempt was successful. Awesome. Period.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome Skye!

I'm an aunt, again. Brady's sister, Shannon, gave birth to Skye Orr at 12:17am on June 4, 2009. He was a whopping 10 lb. 1oz!
Proud Mama

Proud Papa

Shannon and Skye with adorable Rafe.
Congratulations Orrs!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School, UGH!

I just started my summer class at ASU. I'm taking "Baseball, Film and American Dreams", yeah I know sounds easy and stuff, but this is a 5-week class and I've never taken a whole class in such a short amount of time. I started yesterday and I have a mid-term in 10 days! A mid-term! I am happy that the class will be done really quickly, but I get stressed easily with school these days. I started at ASU in January, determined to get my bachelors degree in Film and Media Studies, and it was not a pretty semester, there were a lot of stress sweats and tears. Brady wasn't too happy either that I got so cranky, but he is incredibly patient with me and refuses to let me quit, which I do threaten to do. He's a great cheerleader for me. Amazingly I did ok last semester, I got a C and two B's, not too shabby for someone who was out of school for over a year. I hated writing all the papers. I got my associates degree in Film Editing and I hadn't written a real paper in forever. My papers got torn apart through out the semester. Luckily I got B's on my last essays.
So I'll be diving into this class and watching a lot of baseball movies. This week was A League of Their Own, which I love for the obvious reason of Tom Hanks. The other one was Eight Men Out about the 1919 World Series, when the White Sox threw the series after making a deal with betters for extra money. I didn't know anything about this scandal and I found the movie to be quite interesting. Which leads me to a question: What happend to D.B. Sweeney? I actually really like him.
He did Eight Men Out, which he was great in, playing the legend, "Shoeless Joe" Jackson.

And who can forget The Cutting Edge? Toe pick! It's a classic!

And that's it, what happened? The Cutting Edge came out in 1992! No more worth noting, yet his filmography is quite long. Oh well.