Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wahahaha! WIPEOUT!

If you know anything about a new invention called 'Television' you might know that there are certain programs that Nicole and I both love. One of those is LOST, but that whole head-spinning time traveling, slap to the medula oblongata just finished its 5th season. After watching that season finally we needed something to fill that jumbo sized hole in our Wednesdays. After searching long and hard, (well... not that long... or hard...) we've started watching Wipeout.

"But Brady what is this Wipeout?" you say. Please, let me enlighten you to the magic that is Wipeout. Imagine an obsticle course so fiendish that it could be considered the spawn of Dr. Suess and Salvador Dali and then covered with squishy brightly colored foam. Oh yeah, and then there's giant balls! Now imagine those balls covered with the shame of people flinging themselves upon them in hopes of crossing a lake... Get the idea?

Please enjoy the complementary sample of the Wipeout goodness in Exibit A. Go ahead. I give you permission to snicker, laugh, guffaw, what have you.

Exibit A: Giant Red Ball welcoming a newcomer to the Wipeout obsicle course.
Now imagine all of the hilarity that insues in the Gillman household. Nicole especially laughs at the parts where faces meet foam covered objects. I know this all seems pretty vaige but if you haven't seen it its pretty hard to discribe in all its sweet glorious foaminess. You'll just have to tune in next week with us. ABC, 7pm Wed.


  1. I LOVE this show. It is so much better than most of the crap on TV. I'm praying to every god I can think of for a celeb version of this show. I'd love to see some reality TV stars destroyed by big red balls.

  2. Evan is correct. We love this show, but forgot to tape it last night. The best is watching it with little kids. It keeps Wendi's kids entertained like you wouldn't believe.